Who are we?


Noelle De Atley is an information technology specialist with 30 years of experience in computers. She started tearing down CPU’s for fun in 1984 and became the darling of every office for her ability to fix paper-jams. She then became the resource for every office tech question, gladly sharing the knowledge of keyboard shortcuts all over the country.

Noelle has lived in Charlotte since 2005 and came via South Carolina,
Southern California, Northern California, the Chicago area, and five locations in Texas, Michigan and Canada.

She has been an active member of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce since 2007. She serves on the Business Advisory Committee for the Charlotte City Council. In 2011, Noelle was honored to be the first recipient of the Charlotte Chamber’s Ken Akers Award as Volunteer of the Year.

Noelle is a second generation Mexican-American from Texas. She holds the rank of black belt in Shotokan Karate, Jiu Jitsu, and Jeet Kun Do from Charlotte Martial Arts Academy. She loves animals and enjoys cooking and laughing. And has never met a stranger.


screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-11-15-20-amAs the daughter of a programmer, Holly has been in and around technology her entire life. She grew up with computers and never took them, or her tech savvy seriously until she went to work for Apple. During the ten years she was with Apple, she easily mastered several software and hardware certifications, and completed several training courses as a corporate facilitator, as well. This proved to be a passion: teaching people to love their technology. Her mindset of “If I teach you what not to do, you’re going to spend more time loving your device instead of fearing you’re going to break it.” proved to be wildly successful and lead to her teaching other employees her best practices at the highest level.

Holly’s other passion in life is writing. She began her first blog, The Adventures of Bimbolinaho, in 2003. Since then, she has expanded her writing online by creating not only that site, but also Food Allergy Epidemic, a blog dedicated to adults who’ve recently been diagnosed with Food Allergies and The Blonde Byte, the sister site of Creative Thinking Group whose mission is to Empower Women through Technology. She’s been featured on Buzzfeed, Medium, and theCompostr and was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, and the Huffington Post as a contributor. Ironically, it never occurred to her to combine her two passions until now and has decided to make her skills available to predominately women, because men so rarely ask for directions…

Her technical skill set includes: Mac OS Desktop Certification, Final Cut Pro X Certification, Filemaker Pro Certification, Small Device Certification, iOS Qualification, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, WordPress, Dropbox, and all of Apple’s Desktop Applications i.e. Photos, iMovie, iTunes, Mail, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. She also has a vast knowledge of several other third party applications, like Evernote.