Weekly Round Up 9/7/18


Especially coming from a guy as corrupt at Ajit Pai…

The FCC chief’s call for cracking down on tech companies is not only laughable, it’s the ‘height of hypocrisy’


Here’s hoping one of them is designed to keep the Kardashians off the air…
10 Takeaways From Variety’s Entertainment and Tech Summit


The red tape alone is ging to take a millenium to get through…
A 22-year Apple veteran explains why Silicon Valley’s ‘fast fail’ approach won’t work with health tech


We were fools to think it could.

Now We Know Tech Won’t Save Us


Watson, you sneaky, little bastard…
IBM used NYPD surveillance cameras to develop facial recognition tech


If it helps produce more “People of Walmart”, it’s all good…
Exclusive: Walmart’s Tech Arm is Adding 100+ Jobs in Reston


Who needs eyesight when you’ve got Alexa & Siri?
Small screen, big problem: what tech is doing to your eyesight


I’m sorry, what did you say? I was checking my Facebook…

Google researchers say the tech industry has contributed to an ‘attention crisis’


Weekly Round Up 2/16/18



Because plastic surgery and Witness Protection are no longer enough…
Israeli tech firm undercuts facial recognition to bolster privacy.

Swipe left.
This Valentine’s Day, Considering Tech That Keeps Couples Together.

It’s nice to see at least one industry embracing diversity.

The Founders Bringing Sex Tech to the Masses

Um, they shouldn’t have to prove anything…

Anne-Marie Imafidon: Stemettes prove that girls can flourish in tech and science.

Imagine that! New jobs being created that aren’t even related to coal!
Rise of the data protection officer, the hottest tech ticket in town

Because they can’t seem to figure out how to hire more women themselves?!

IBM and Microsoft battle over top workplace diversity exec

Of course we did.

How Women and Tech Took Over Porn: Inside the 2018 AVNs

This coming from the guy who made his millions from a piece of stolen software…

Bill Gates: It’s ‘scary to me’ that technology can empower small groups to do great harm.